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Tailored Bookkeeping Procedures

Transparent and Standardised Processes

Tailored Bookkeeping Services Melbourne

Our team of over 30 bookkeepers are all trained to manage your accounts in accordance with the Top Class Accounts bookkeeping manual, which is customised for each client. This document outlines every aspect of the bookkeeping responsibilities, and it’s done for a few reasons:

  • Your bookkeeping processes should be transparent and standardised. Bookkeepers, as well as accountants, can have different interpretations. There are many ways to get the same answer – our procedures make it clear so that anyone can read how the job should be done.
  • Documented procedures – if we are no longer handling your bookkeeping then your new bookkeeper has the job detailed. There is no re-inventing the wheel. They can get on with the job – exactly as it has been handled in the past.

We have tried and tested procedures that work for your business and help to streamline the bookkeeping process to maximise efficiencies and reduce costs. Allow one of our bookkeepers to help your business grow by maximising it’s most valuable asset – YOU!

Tailored Bookkeeping Services Melbourne.