Xero, MYOB, Reckon, Quickbooks, Sage

Top Class Accounts provide onsite and offsite bookkeeping services, or a fully outsourced accounts department if you require it. Whether you use Quickbooks Online, Reckon Accounts, MYOB, Xero, Saasu, or most other accounting packages, we can provide a highly experienced and efficient bookkeeper to any location around Melbourne.

The greatest benefit of using Top Class Accounts is the calibre of our bookkeepers.

Our bookkeepers are screened rigorously based on practical observed tests in which we require them to perform a number of complex bookkeeping tasks, including lesser known aspects of bookkeeping. The vast majority of bookkeepers who apply for a role with Top Class Accounts fail this test process and never make it on to our team, for which we make no apology!

Our testing process ensures that we have the best bookkeepers in Australia.

The Top Class Advantage

Our clients frequently commend us on providing such an efficient, accurate, and reliable service, and we believe that it is second to none. 

Excellent financial administration and reporting is a key pillar for your business success. Incomplete or inaccurate financial data can result in misinformed decision making, unexpected cashflow crises, and even hefty penalties from the ATO.

With so much riding on the accuracy and timeliness of your bookkeeping, we are committed to delivering the best bookkeeping service in Melbourne and Sydney.

Ultimately, our bookkeepers are the best value in the market due to their speed, efficiency, accuracy, and processes. Although many bookkeepers quote lower rates, our clients have learned that assessing the value of a bookkeeper is much less about the rate they charge than it is about the results (and confidence!) they deliver.

Additionally, our Top Class Accounts bookkeepers have access to backup assistance including:

  • expert bookkeeping and accounting support
  • ongoing professional development, including regular training sessions
  • a temporary replacement bookkeeper if required during vacations or unexpected personal circumstances that require them to be absent
  • Top Class Accounts “Top Tips” and process improvements

Top Class Accounts recommend onsite bookkeeping to our clients wherever possible as this facilitates improved communication and increased efficiency.

All Top Class Accounts bookkeepers compile a tailored bookkeeping manual for each client which records the unique aspects of your business to ensure smooth transition should an alternative team member need to fill in during unexpected absences.

Under Australia’s BAS Service Provider legislation, it is important that your bookkeeper is a registered BAS Service Provider. Top Class Accounts is registered with NIA and the Tax Practitioners Board as a BAS Service Provider, and all our bookkeepers are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. Top Class is also a Professional Partner with Reckon, Xero, and MYOB.

We have bookkeepers located all around Melbourne and endeavour to allocate a bookkeeper to you who is a good match for the location and culture of your business.