Payroll Services


It’s important to set up your employees correctly from the beginning.

Errors can affect leave accruals, penalty and overtime rates, PAYG, and superannuation.

And with Single Touch Payroll mandatory for all Australian employers from 1st July, your payroll will be reported to the ATO every payday.

It Pays to Avoid Payroll Errors

The consequences of errors in your payroll can be dire.

If your business ever runs into financial difficulties, the ATO can hold you personally liable for failing to meet your company’s PAYG and Superannuation obligations.

Payroll Compliance Guaranteed

Payroll, more so in certain industries, can be a minefield of varying award rates, allowances, and salary-sacrifice deductions.

Contact us for a confidential discussion about your situation, particularly if your business is in:

  • Food and Hospitality 
  • Retail
  • Trades
  • Manufacturing

Stress-free payroll

We know how complex payroll can be – that’s why we offer expert payroll support. Whether as part of our regular bookkeeping services, or as a payroll-only service, we ensure that you pay all your staff and contractors correctly, with the right penalties, overtime rates, and leave accruals.

Don't lose thousands in ATO and SGC penalties

Errors in payroll can result in underpaying or overpaying superannuation and PAYG. It’s easy to get busy and not get super lodged on time – but the Superannuation Guarantee Charge penalties are substantial.

Signing up to our professional payroll services can ensure that you meet all your obligations and save thousands of dollars in unnecessary penalties.

Maintain team morale

Nobody likes an error in their pay, or it coming through to their bank account late. Which is why it makes sense to have Top Class Accounts process your payroll and ensure it’s all done stress-free, accurately, and on time.

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